Know & Be Known.

Oneighty is the student ministry of Church on the Move in Tulsa, OK. Our purpose is for students to know God and be known by others. We have several regular environments where this takes place.



On the second Sunday of each month, we throw a big party for our students. This is the one chance a month when all of our 7th-12th graders come together for a worship experience created just for them.  Each United Night includes amazing worship and a message from one of our staff pastors, plus an opportunity to hang out, meet new friends and play some games. It also gives our students an opportunity to serve as part of our worship team, drama team, or student leader team. United Nights begin at 6:00 pm and end at 8:30, and we look forward to it all month long.

Connect Nights

On the third and fourth Sundays of every month, high school students have the opportunity to be a part of Connect Nights. This is our small group environment for grades 9-12, and it is a lot of fun.  These nights are very different than United Nights, and often very different from each other as we like to mix up the format from week to week. However, we typically have worship in a large group, a 10-15 minute message in a medium sized group, and discussions in small groups.  We also have food, play some games, and have fun as well. If you are in high school and have not yet become a part of a Connect Group, you need to come check it out!


For our 7th and 8th graders, we have a service that corresponds with all of the weekend services at Church on the Move.  Each week these students have an opportunity to run around and play some games, hear a message that is geared to them, and join in on small group discussions where they can apply what they are learning to their life. Oneighty Jhi meets in the back lobby of Church on the Move by the LCES offices. For help finding your way back there, simply ask anyone on the COTM Host Team or at the Kids Check-in Kiosks.



One of our favorite things to do is to meet new students, get to know our current students better, and provide opportunities for them to get to know each other. We have found that there are 2 things that pave the way for such conversation: food and activities. So we plan things all over town with the sole purpose of hanging out. It could be anything from serving opportunities, bowling, watching a movie, going to sky zone, grabbing a snow cone or just meeting to hang out at the mall food court.  Sometimes we announce it weeks in advance, and other times we will send out a text or a tweet the day of the event. Our goal isn't for hundreds of people to show up each time. Our goal is to get to know the ones that do.



On the first Wednesday of each month, we meet for a midweek gathering that is designed for our entire church family to come together from both campuses and celebrate all that God is doing. It's a relaxed environment where we can have a little extra time for worship and hear a great message together.  The cool thing is that Oneighty gets to play a part! At each First Wednesday, we typically serve on the lobby team at the candy bar, and we block off an entire section for our staff and our students to sit together in service. First Wednesday services begin at 6:30 PM.