I GIVE UP!!” That's not really something we like to admit. We don’t like giving up in sports, in relationships, we don’t even like giving up on our dreams. We don’t like giving up in pretty much anything except maybe eating healthy! 

Why is that? Maybe it’s because of our country’s culture to fight and hang in there. Maybe it’s because we just really hate the idea of losing, so we’d rather hold on, even if to the bitter end. Or, perhaps it’s simply because we like control and we’d rather hold on to that than give it up. To be sure, there are times in life when you should hang in there or hold on, but what about the times that the very thing we’re holding onto is the very thing that is holding us back? What if there’s real freedom in giving up?

This month, we’re going to discover the Biblical concept of surrender and what it means to find real freedom through giving up.